Oscars 2016: The Most Memorable Moments

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Leo and Brie won.

Spotlight pulled an upset.

Chris Rock put Jada in her place.

And Stacey Dash confused the heck out of everyone.

The 2016 Academy Awards left an impression on viewers due to who won, who lost and who said some really weird stuff on stage.

Let's run down the most memorable moments, shall we?

1. He Rocked It

He Rocked It
Chris Rock held nothing back at host, slamming Hollywood for not giving black actors a chance, while also putting this #OscarsSoWhite moving in perspective.

2. The Funniest Presenters

The Funniest Presenters
Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe?!? Who would have guessed that? Can you say co-hosts in 2017?

3. Tracy Morgan Stars in The Danish Girl

Tracy Morgan Stars in The Danish Girl
Or, really, in a skit that mocked how hard it is for African-Americans to break into big movies. We loved it.

4. Sarah Silverman Disses James Bond

Sarah Silverman Disses James Bond
Prior to introducing Sam Smith, Silverman riffed on how Bond never called her after sex and how he has a small penis.

5. Stacey Dash Showed Up

Stacey Dash Showed Up
This may have been the strangest thing we have ever seen on a television set.

6. Right, The Weeknd?!?

Right, The Weeknd?!?
He agrees. This is how he reacted to Dash's appearance.

7. Alicia Vikander Wins!

Alicia Vikander Wins!
She also got to kiss Michael Fassbender. That's a pretty good night.

8. Jacob Tremblay Geeks Out!

Jacob Tremblay Geeks Out!
The adorable Room star became even more adorable when he reacted like this upon seeing two Star Wars favorites on stage.

9. It Happened to Her

It Happened to Her
Lady Gaga earned a very well-deserved standing ovation for her rendition of "Til It Happes to You." It moved us to tears.

10. Look Who Showed Up

Look Who Showed Up
Yes, the bear from The Revenant made an appearance.

11. Ennio Morricone Wins!

Ennio Morricone Wins!
The crowd gave 87-year-old Morricone a standing ovation for his first Oscar. Also well-deserved!

12. When Brie Larson Won...

When Brie Larson Won...
... she high-fived Tremblay. How awesome are both of these rising stars?!?

13. And Leo Won!

And Leo Won!
Finally, right? He talked climate change in his pitch perfect acceptance speech.

14. Girl Scout Cookies All Around

Girl Scout Cookies All Around
We can't help but wonder: Does Michael Keaton like Thin Mints or Samoas?

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