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For months after they officially separated, no one really knew what was going on with Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner.

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There were rumors of Ben and Jen getting back together, and even attending marriage counseling to help repair their damaged relationship.

Those rumors may have been put to rest on Sunday night, when both Affleck and Garner both attended big Oscar-night events – and seemed to have zero interest in talking to one another.

According to Radar Online, Garner – who presented an award alongside Benicio Del Toro during the ceremony – unexpectedly came face-to-face with Affleck at the star studded Vanity Fair after-party.

"Ben didn’t even say hello," one onlooker tells the website.

No surprise there, as the run-in occurred just days after Garner opened up about her divorce in a remarkably candid interview, during which she also openly mocked Affleck’s over-the-top back tattoo.

However, other sources are claiming that Ben and Jen got along swimmingly at their son’s fourth birthday party (where Ben donned his Batman costume to entertain the kids) just one day before the Oscars, and they kept the friendly vibes going at the VF party.

"They had a nice moment where they caught up and a lot of their friends were there – and they chatted and then they left," a source tells People.

So it looks like we can safely say these two are not getting back together, but as for if or when they’ll follow through with their divorce – we’re as clueless as ever.