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If you follow Bella Thorne on Instagram, you know that the "actress" (Apologies if you’re a fan, but we’re guessing most folks who are old enough to vote have never actually seen her in anything.) knows how to give her followers what they want.

Whether Bella is posting pictures of her butt or…posting other pictures of her butt, the girl is a social media treasure, and it seems like she has more followers every time we check in (which is more than we care to admit).

Today, Ms. Thorne decided to mix it up with not only a frontal view but also with a video that really showcases her screen presence.

And by "screen presence," we mean jiggliness.

We have no idea what exactly is going on here or why Bella chose to post this, but we don’t want to mess it up by asking.

As far as we can tell, she has this arrangement going on with her followers where she posts constant, racy pics and videos and no one ever questions it or wonders how she got to be famous.

We call it the Game of Thornes, and it’s not for the faint of heart.

So enjoy the video below, but remember – when you play the Game of Thornes, you win, or you get blocked by a hot chick on Instagram.