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Tori Kelly made quite the impression at the 58th annual Grammy Awards on Monday night.

First, she dressed like this on the red carpet:

Tori Kelly at 2016 Grammy Awards
Photo via Adriana M. Barraza/

Stare for as long as you’d like, fellas. This look likely would have been enough.

But then Kelly went out and sang a duet with James Bay that left the entire Staples Center abuzz as soon as it ended.

Watch the country artists knock their performance out of the park below:

Tori Kelly and James Bay Grammys Duet

But Kelly actually made more headlines in the end not for her fashion or for her voice… but for her facial expression.

While Taylor Swift was giving what most people considered a strong acceptance speech after winning Album of the Year, cameras captured Kelly looking less than excited.

See her reaction to Swift’s speech for yourself:

Does Kelly have a problem with the world’s most popular solo artist? Why did she look so disgusted when watching Taylor on stage?

In response to these questions and the chatter surrounding her, Kelly took to Twitter late Tuesday and wrote:

"I loved every moment of last night. I cant express how thankful I am. Here’s to the next chapter."

Kelly also shared a photo from her performance with fellow Grammy nominee Bay and added:

"It was such a pleasure sharing the stage with you incredibly talented gentleman, @jamesbaymusic."

So… that’s it? There’s no bad blood (get it?!?) between Kelly and Swift?!?

How boring. Kelly needs to stop being so talented and start being more controversial if she wants to make it in this business.