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You know what they say, right?

The son also sets… one up to be vulnerable in ways like never before.

Watch Arrow Season 4 Episode 14 Online
Watch Arrow Season 4 Episode 14 Online

On Arrow Season 4 Episode 14, it was troubling enough for Oliver Queen that Damien Darhk’s wife, Ruve, decided to run against him for mayor.

But then Damien went ahead and had Oliver’s son, William, kidnapped, and now the child is the Darhks’ new house guest and now the stakes have really been raised.

Granted, Oliver does not yet know that his son is in the hands of his mortal enemy, but it’s safe to assume he’ll find out on next week’s installment of Arrow Season 4.

Thea, meanwhile, is now aware that William exists due to the finding of a million dollar check that was never cashed during her defensive campaign research.

But the question is this: When will Felicity find out the same secret? And how will she react once she does?

While we’re on the subject of Felicity:

She may soon be out of that wheelchair because, as a wedding gift, Curtis has been working on a special spinal implant that would allow her to walk again, possibly in time to actually walk down the aisle.

That sounds promising and all, but Curtis wants to use a unique, never-ending power source?

Why do we feel like this may not go so smoothly?

In her exchange with him, Felicitiy referred to Curtis as "terrific," forecasting his future as Mr. Terrific.

We end with a request: Can Mama Smoak (Charlotte Ross) stick around forever?!?

Felicity’s mother is no longer some kind of annoying presence; she’s a valued and fun member of the family who we’d love to see on a weekly basis.

What did you think of the episode? You can watch Arrow online if you need to catch up and then you can answer this:

How far do you think Damien will go when it comes to William?!?