Tila Tequila Claims She Has Robot Brain, Earth is Flat in All-Time Twitter Rant

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Based on her latest Twitter rant, we believe that Tila Tequila has either lost her mind or become a consummate pro's pro at Internet trolling.

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Not only does she claim the world is flat, but the reality star says she's really dead (gasp) and was replaced by a clone 3-4 years ago.

At least she didn't dress her kid up as Hitler. Well, this time.

To sum up, the 34-year-old alleges that she is actually a Russian spy who died and was replaced by a clone at some point in 2012.

That would be the main takeaway from any one else's Twitter tirade, but this is Tila Tequila. The girl operates in her own orbit.

Speaking of which, she may not know what an orbit is, since she apparently believes the Earth is flat and described why in detail.

It's not clear if these thoughts are being bestowed upon us because she has a robot brain, but they are ... out of this world.

So to speak. The Earth is flat, the moon isn’t real (it's a spaceship planted there at some undetermined point), etc. On and on it goes.

We can't really do justice to Tila's tweets but here's a sampling:

Tila Crazy Tweets

Then she demanded answers from NASA and claims she’s going there to get the scoop on the #FlatEarth once and for all, writing:


Persuasive as ALL CAPS TWEETS may be, good luck getting through security. The gatekeepers of the #FlatEarth secrets ain't playin'.

Anyway, perhaps the best moment of all of this came when she tossed out another "truth bomb" and got taken to school by a follower.

Seriously, this guy apparently attended some at least school, somewhere, at some point in his reasonably educated life.

Tila T ... not so much. Although it's never too late, girl.

We have no idea who he is or why in the name of heaven and #FlatEarth he follows Tila Tequila on Twitter, but we'll forgive him for that.

After this ultimate mic-dropper, he's earned a pass:

Tila Tweets Shut Down
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