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There is only one Queen Bey, people.

And there’s also one Starbucks barista out there who wants to make sure everyone knows this.

Starbucks Responds Like THIS When Woman Says Her Name is Beyonce

A Vine user named “JEWISHJEN” shared the above video online this week, saying that she recently stopped by this coffee chain and jokingly told the woman behind the counter that her name was Beyonce.

Why not, right?

We all know the trouble baristas have with first names. They’ll probably get it wrong anyway. So you might as well have some fun with the exercise.

Except JEWISHJEN apparently chose a barista who either has no sense of humor… or who has an awesome sense of humor. We can’t quite figure out which it is.

"I told the girl at Starbucks my name was Beyoncé, just, like, to be funny, and this is what she gave me," says the user in the above video.

JEWISHJEN proceeded to hold up her Starbucks cup to the camera, revealing the barista had written "U WISH" on it. HA!

We love it.

Jen’s Vine has since gone viral on the social network with over three million loops.

Join in the movement and check it out above.