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Following a lengthy hiatus, TV’s highest-rated show came back in calm, boring, slow fashion.


Watch The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 9 Online
Watch The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 9 Online

On The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 9, viewers were actually treated to an iconic development from the graphic novel on which the show is based.

We picked up with Rick’s plan (of everyone camouflaging themselves in walker guts) to get the group through the zombie group that had overtaken Alexandria to be far too much for Sam to handle.

Soon enough, the mentally unstable boy panicked, froze and and began making far too much noise.

Utter chaos reigned down from there:

The walkers descended upon the kid, tearing his neck open and causing Jessie to yell at the sight of her child being eaten alive. So, as you might expect, she was next to go.

But Jessie would not let go of Carl’s wrist as she was bring devoured, prompting Rick to cut her hand off in order to save his son.

A gun then made its way into Ron’s hands… which was dangerous because the guy just watched his family get violently killed.

He blamed Rick for their death and he took aim at the leader, only for Michonne to swoop in and cut Ron in half with her sword.

Oh, yes, that really happened, as did this: before leaving this world, Ron’s finger squeezed the trigger and the wayward bullet struck Carl in the eye.

As fans of the comic know, and as viewers will soon find out, this is a monumental moment. Expect Carl to come out of it as a changed young man.

We closed the crazy hour in the infirmary, with Rick telling his unconscious son that he wants to show him "the new world" and with Carl finally showing signs of life.

Where will things go after this midseason premiere?

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