Scott Disick: Hospitalized After Near-Fatal Overdose?

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It's been almost three months since Scott Disick finished rehab, and though the troubled reality star attempted to kick booze and drugs several times in the past, insiders indicated that this time, he was finally in a good place.

Disick seemed more committed to sobriety than ever ... until he didn't.

Douchelord Disick

You can imagine the shock of friends and family when Disick allegedly overdosed on a potentially deadly mix of drugs and alcohol last month.

The incident reportedly occurred during a party at his L.A. home.

According to Radar Online, Disick was found unresponsive in his bed on January 31 after allegedly consuming alcohol, cocaine and Viagra.

"He was given an adrenaline shot to revive him,” says one insider. “It was a lot like that crazy scene out of Pulp Fiction."

"He had to be shaken for 30 minutes before he finally woke up. Everyone thought he was dead.”

Disick was reportedly checked into a nearby hospital under an assumed name and released the next day.

Frighteningly, sources say it's not the first time that Scott has nearly killed himself with drugs in recent months.

“He’s a total mess,” says one insider close to the situation.

Disick, the source says, has been known to combine drugs such as Ecstasy, sizzurp, and oxycodone, usually while drinking.

The behavior is made more shocking by the fact that it comes on the heels of Lamar Odom's near-fatal overdose in October.

Friends say they're unsure if Disick, who has three young children with ex-girlfriend Kourtney Kardashian, tried to do himself in.

Sadly, it may be  a matter of time for the Lord at this rate.

Terrifyingly, people close to the 32-year-old believe his latest bender is an indication that he doesn't care if he lives or dies.

Here's hoping this report is overblown, or that if it is true, Scott pulls himself together before he pays the ultimate price.

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