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It’s been less than three months since Scott Disick left rehab after four weeks of in-patient treatment.

While Scott has gone to rehab and fallen off the wagon several times in the past, this time he claimed that he was fully committed to remaining sober for the sake of his kids. However, a video shot over the weekend and posted by Kylie Jenner tells a different tale.

Kylie Jenner With Drunk Scott Disick

The clips above, which appeared on Kylie’s Snapchat page on Saturday show Kylie and Scott backstage at one of Tyga’s concerts.

Kylie is following Tyga on tour (some say to ensure that he remains faithful) and apparently Scott decided to join her on one of the stops.

Unfortunately, it seems he also decided to get completely wasted while hanging out with the 18-year-old sister of his baby mama.

In the clip on the left, Scott sounds heavily intoxicated as he mumbles something about his watch.

On the right, he slurs something about the Holocaust.

Needless to say, the footage is not terribly flattering for the 32-year-old father of three.

Oddly, Kylie seems to find nothing odd about his behavior, and she posted the videos to her social media accounts moments after they were shot.

In fairness, to her she’s basically grown up with the sight of a drunk Scott Disick.