Kourtney Kardashian & Justin Bieber: Back ON??

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The rumors of Kourtney Kardashian hooking up with Justin Bieber seemed to fade as quickly as they surfaced.

As we know, the media were hot on this story after Kourt was caught leaving the "Sorry" singer's hotel room last December.

Kourtney Kardashian, Not At Her Best
Justin Bieber at the AMAs

But the chatter died down after neither celeb spoke on the topic (much) and Justin started posting pics of himself snogging Hailey Baldwin.

However, a source now tells HollywoodLife that there indeed may be a little spark between the two.

“They haven’t been hooking up, but they have been speaking and texting,” claims the source. 

“They get each other and they have a similar sense of humor, which is what really brought them together in the first place.”

GET each other? Well, that sounds like it could be more than just bumping uglies. Sex is sex but connecting on a mental level is, dare I say it, kinda spesh.

On Monday, during an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the host probed the mom of three about her relationship with the Biebs.

"We're friends," she said with a coy smile. Even Ellen saw something in her eye and asked why she was "smiling like that."

Earlier in January, Mr. Bieber kinda hinted on The Bert Show that the two did, in fact, hook up.

“I’m being used, man, what can I say?" he said when asked about their involvement.

However, Justin says he's not looking for anything serious, according to HollywoodLife.

“He feels that now is no time to be tied down to one woman,” a source told the site. “It would be selfish of him because he knows he doesn’t have the proper amount of time to nurture a healthy relationship, so he is just having fun.”

Sounds kinda perfect, because Kourtney also says she's not looking for a relationship and just wants to "do her" after ending things with her baby daddy Scott Disick.

"I just got out of a 9-year relationship. I think the last thing I need is someone else in my life," she said during a December episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

Unless maybe that someone is just a fling in the form of a hot 21-year-old with a killer face and body plus a decidedly impressive package?

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