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At this point, it seems that the feud between Taylor Swift and Katy Perry will never be settled.

Both women have passed up multiple opportunities to bury the hatchet, and it seems they’ve now reached the point where they’ve ceased taking shots and are simply avoiding one another.

Katy Perry: The Weinstein Company & Netflix 2016 Golden Globe after party
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Taylor Swift in Beverly Hills
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Last week, there were rumors that Taylor would be invited to Katy’s pre-Grammys party.

Sources said Katy had decided to get Taylor’s back in the wake of Kanye West’s misogynistic diss, and offer an olive branch as a show of feminine solidarity.

Now, however, it looks like Katy and Taylor are still at war, as not only will Taylor not be attending Katy’s party (which will likely be the year’s most star-studded), but Katy is skipping the Grammys, reportedly because she knows the night will be "all about Taylor."

We imagine it would be tough to sit in the crowd and force a smile while your peers heap praise on your sworn enemy.

So Katy skipping the ceremony isn’t that surprising, but the fact that Taylor declined Katy’s invitation is a pretty clear indication that the music industry’s sweetheart doesn’t forgive as easily as you might think.

Looks like the bad blood between these two won’t be going away any time soon.