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George Kennedy – the actor best known for his work in beloved films such as Cool Hand Luke and the Naked Gun trilogy – has passed away at the age of 91.

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According to a statement from his grandson, Kennedy passed away Sunday morning at his home in Boise, Idaho.

During his nearly sixty years in the industry, Kennedy racked up an astonishing 183 credits.

In addition to his acclaimed film work, Kennedy played recurring roles on television shows as diverse as the ’80s primetime soap Dallas and the beloved Nickelodeon cartoon Aaaah!!! Real Montsters.

Kennedy won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor in 1968 for his performance as Paul Newman’s prison rival-turned escape partner in Cool Hand Luke

Interestingly, Kennedy has a connection to last night’s Academy Awards, as he frequently collaborated with screenwriter Dalton Trumbo, whom Bryan Cranston was nominated for portraying this year.

In addition to his acting, Kennedy was an accomplished writer with three books to his name, as well as an amateur pilot.

A close friend of Jimmy Stewart’s and a number of other screen legends, Kennedy had a reputation as one of Hollywood’s most personable stars.

He continued acting until his late eighties, appearing in The Gambler with Mark Wahlberg in 2014.

Kennedy is survived by his wife and two daughters.