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We thought that high school senior who posed in mesmerizing fashion with a cat came up with the greatest yearbook photo idea of all-time.

But we apparently spoke too soon.

Best Yearbook Photos EVER

Heck, even that gay high school student’s farewell quote now must take a backseat.

Because a quartet of Vietnamese high school students just won the Internet via a photo that was shared this week on Reddit, presenting in the form “/funny” without comment.

But no comment is really needed here to explain the hilarious motivation.

As you can see above, all four young women share the last name Nguyen.

And we’re guessing they’ve been asked about a gajillion times whether they are related and why they look the same and other stereotypes often associated with Asian-Americans.

So Alice, Kim, Theresa and Vivian took it upon themselves to get the last laugh, using space typically reserved for inspirational quotes to write a single word each:


HA! We love it!

We don’t know if this slipped past school administrators or if the administrators were totally cool with it or what.

All we know is that it’s totally awesome, a much better use of this space than whatever overwrought Theroux quote their classmates probably chose instead.

(Editor’s Note: The name "Nguyen" is pronounced similar to "win," making our headline totally genius. We’re just saying.)