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Based on recent stories like the criminal who hid from cops in a gator pond and promptly got eaten by gators, you might think that the state of Florida has simply given up on educating its residents.

But believe it or not, there are still functioning schools in the Sunshine State – they’re just staffed with teachers like Dionne Younce.

Dionne Younce

Until this week, Younce was a gym teacher at Nease High School in Ponta Vedra, Florida. She was fired when administrators realized she’d been sending nude photos to multiple male students.

Yes, it seems Younce wasn’t content to just send her racy Snapchats to one teen, she hit up multiple students, two of whom reportedly realized what was going on when they showed one another the pics they’d received.

Not surprisingly, Younce is currently under investigation and may face criminal charges.

It’s not known exactly how long Younce was with the school, but sources say she was such a recent hire that she was still in the probationary period of her employment.

It takes some teachers years to find the student they want to send nude photos to, but Younce found several in just a few months.

Even so, we’re guessing she doesn’t feel particularly lucky this Valentine’s Day weekend.

Cheer up, Dionne. You may never teach again, but you’ve earned a spot in our Florida Woman Hall of Shame: