Florida Woman's Body Found in Motel With Live Monkeys, "Incoherent Man"

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Obviously, it's never funny when someone shuffles off this mortal coil ahead of schedule, but it seems a 59-year-old Florida woman figured that if she's gotta go, she may as well go viral while she's at it.


The unidentified Sunshine State resident was found in a motel room over the weekend, almost a full day after she'd breathed her last breath.

Sadly, the motel room corpse isn't all that uncommon in our nation's dangling appendage.

What sets this woman's unfortunate demise apart is that her roommates in her final hours were a couple of caged capuchin monkeys and a man who cops say was babbling incoherently when they arrived.

Based on the circumstances you might guess that this was a case of death by monkey, loopy dude, or some combination of the two.

Remarkably, police say there were no signs of foul play and the woman appears to have died of natural causes.

As for the man and the monkeys, they're all being treated and appear to be in good health.

Part of what sets Florida apart from other states is the fact that like Australia, it's a place where dangerous wildlife and moronic human behavior collide.

That's how you end up with stories like the crook who got eaten by gators after he had the bright idea to hide from the cops in a gator-infested lake.

We're not saying this woman was involved in anything close to that sort of stupidity, but dying in the presence of caged monkeys does raise a lot of questions about one's life choices.

Anyway, it's a shame she had to pay the ultimate price for this honor, but this unidentified primate wrangler has definitely earned a spot in our Florida Woman Hall of Fame:

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