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Lest there were any lingering doubts that they were a real couple, Blac Chyna hath planted her lips on Rob Kardashian for all to see.

Blac Chyna Kissing Rob Kardashian

Ever since Rob and Chyna got kicked the f–k out of Khloe’s house back when were first linked together, they’ve been almost inseparable.

It’s been about a month, with no signs of slowing down.

Without question, it’s the happiest anyone has seen Rob in years, and whatever you think of Chyna, she’s directly responsible for this.

"For the first time in forever, Rob seems very excited about the future," a source close to the long-troubled reality star told People.

"He feels there’s strong potential for this relationship to go a long way, but for now they are very content and complement each other really well."

The adorable photo above says it all, doesn’t it?

Granted, it’s more PG than we expected after Blac’s ass-tastic promotion of Rob’s socks, but they aren’t always going for shock value.

We know, we can’t believe we just said that either.

Given that Chyna has made a career out of drama and trolling and going over the top with revealing photos, this is downright tame.

Maybe that’s a harbinger of good things, though.

In fact, their relationship may be more low-key and rooted in common interests – in essence, normal – than many people might imagine.

Since he’s reemerged on social media, the 28-year-old Rob’s posts were mostly dedicated to healthy meals and workouts with Blac.

There’s even talk of Rob waist training with Chyna, which we don’t even know what to say about, other than he’s happy and motivated.

"Progress = Happiness," Rob posted to Instagram Tuesday afternoon, the same day he was photographed with his voluptuous girlfriend.

Blac does a body and mind good.