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Yolanda Foster is putting the “real” in “Real Housewives.”

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Instagrammed a decidedly un-glam photo of herself hooked up to an IV in a hospital bed. The former model has been using the social media platform to chronicle every part of her life, including her three-year struggle with Lyme disease.

Yolanda Foster Hospital Bed IV

She captioned the pic: “I am not afraid for you to see me for who I really am and what my days are really like……I have learned to love every part of me without apology! Happy selfie-sad selfie, good days – bad days, with make up-no make up, boobs- no boobs.”

(Foster underwent surgery to remove her breast implants after a leak was discovered last year.)

In her determination to keep it real (really real, not “Real Housewives” real), the star may be throwing a wrench into the picture-perfect narrative that the other Housewives (and, uh, Bravo) may have you believe.

OMG, their lives aren’t all garden parties and Botox? SHOCKING!

She added:

“I can only hope that by sharing this not so glamorous journey, the millions of doubted & neglected Lyme sufferers will gain medical recognition of their illness and the appropriate treatment affordable for all. This is not a pity party, just reality with good intend #InvisableDisease”

We can’t help but wonder if the pic has generated a big roll of the eyes from fellow Housewife Taylor Armstrong, who last month admitted on the RHOBH that she finds Foster’s “happy selfie, sick selfie” posts “a little much.”

Sorry that the “whole needle-in-the-arm thing” makes you feel ooky, Taylor. Perhaps you’d be more comfortable if it were a needle-in-the-forehead? (Yep, we went there.)

Clearly, Foster isn’t deterred by her co-star’s comments in the slightest.

In fact, she may be a crusader in bringing awareness to Lyme disease, which is often misunderstood and affects more than 300,000 people annually.

If not diagnosed or treated in the early stages, the disorder can cause a host of symptoms ranging from fibromyalgia to neurological damage.

So ignore the haters, Ms. Yolanda. If sharing your not-so-pretty side helps others suffering, who cares if a few others can’t handle it.