The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 6 Episode 3 Recap: Horsing Around

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On The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 6 Episode 3, the Lisas (Rinna and Vanderpump) searched for the perfect mini-horse.

You had to be there. Meanwhile, Kyle received bad news about Kim ... and no, this isn't an episode synopsis from 2014. Or 2013, or ...

So, Erika Jayne.  There she is.  With her "uber-famous" lawyer husband, Tom Girardi.

I can't lie.  Erika's one-on-one interview get-up looks like something straight out a Toddlers & Tiaras spoof.  There's a lot of makeup, even more hair, and jewelry that is either worth $4,000,000 or $4.00.

She's got a nice life that she seems grateful for.  Good on ya, Erika.

What a bust for Vanderpump to go all the way to Ohio (on a private jet) only to come back without a tiny pony.  

I'm confused as to why a lame leg would be an issue in this case, because tiny pony isn't for riding.  Tiny pony is for petting and kissing and showing off to friends.

Rinna and Eileen knew better than to grill Kyle about Kim's whereabouts at lunch.  Eileen did express remorse in her most recent Bravo blog. 

"At the time of the dinner, I wasn’t aware of everything else she [Kyle] was experiencing with her family," Eileen wrote.  "I wish I’d been more sensitive where Kim is concerned.

"Kim and I had our issues last year, but I sincerely only want the best for her and continue to hope that she has put the worst behind her and is doing well."

Oh, everyone is disgusted with Taylor, per their Bravo blogs.  Yolanda branded her ignorant, and Eileen asked if she was a doctor.  

I had no idea Vanderpump disliked Taylor that much, and if that's the case, why was Taylor at Ken's birthday party?

Speaking of Ken, I want the names of the gentlemen who pushed him into the pool.  It was shallow water and he nearly hit his head, not to mention he has new hips!

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