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As you may have heard, Dean McDermott cheated on Tori Spelling with a woman named Emily Goodhand, and rather than suppressing the tabloid drama as most D-listers would, the couple went on to basically make careers out of having a crappy marriage.

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott Pic

There were reality shows, book deals, tearful TV interviews…Basically, Dean’s affair was the best thing to happen to Tori’s career since being Aaron Spelling’s daughter.

The whole thing was (briefly) so lucrative for the McDermotts that many wondered if Emily Goodhand was even a real person.

By all accounts, Tori and Dean are once again broke, but the public seems to have lost interest in their sad sack routine, so it seems that these days they’re trying a different tack. 

The couple attended a party for celebrity wedding designer David Tutera over the weekend (Yes, apparently they still get invited to things.), and they stopped on the red carpet to gush about their marriage:

"Our relationship is in the best place it’s ever been," Dean told Entertainment Tonight.

"I was just thinking about it in the car ride over here, about how grateful I am and how filled with gratitude I am that we’re still together, and my life is wonderful.

"I have these wonderful babies with you. I have this wonderful life with you. I’m so grateful and happy."

Yes, Dean’s certainly laying it on thick. And apparently, Tori was not about to let herself be outdone:

"It just gets better," she told ET. "I think when you go into a relationship, at least for me, you have all these fairy tale expectations. What it should be or shouldn’t be, where it’s going to go and where it’s going to plateau.

"You get to that point where [it’s like], ‘Wow, this is amazing’ on a different level of what I ever expected.

"In our relationship, we’ve definitely had to, not start over, but rebirth the relationship as something that was new and kind of moving on towards the future.

"By doing that, we’ve had this great, amazing rebirth of our relationship, and it’s more exciting each day.""

Look, if these two are really that happy, then we’re happy for them, but the whole thing kinda brings to mind that Facebook friend who’s always posting upbeat, inspirational memes, even though you know he’s entering his 8th year as a Subway sandwich artist, and he recently found out his long-term online relationship was an elaborate catfish job, but he still sends money because he enjoys the conversations.