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Kylie Jenner may be the exalted ruler of social media, but she’s quickly losing real friends and family due to her out of control ego.

According to a new report, the teenager is completely out of control …

Kylie Jenner: Bored

Sources close to the 18-year-old say the immense fame she’s garnered over the past two years has gone to her head and then some.

She’s managing to alienate everyone with her arrogant attitude, and the only people who opt to hang with her these days are … incentivized.

Of the inner circle that remains, everyone is “either on the payroll or straight up using her,” says one insider source close to the situation.

We know Tyga’s after Kylie’s money, but apparently he’s not alone.

Naturally, these haters are speaking off the record, likely because they fear being iced out or cut off by Kris Jenner’s prized kash kow.

Still, one wonders if there’s some truth behind this axe they have to grind. Has Kylie grown so full of herself that she has no real friends?

“Kylie picks fights with everyone,” another insider told Radar.

“She’s the most rude and condescending person you could ever meet … it’s like she goes out of her way to irritate people just for fun.”

What does she do, exactly? Let’s just say she has zero shame.

“She’ll point out if someone’s put on weight or if they look rough," says the source. "She gives ‘judgments’ on whatever they’re wearing,”

The celeb "loves nothing better than trashing everyone." 

"She treats everyone like her staff," added the insider.

"Her ego is so out of control at this point it’s unreal."

Maybe so … but look at Kylie Jenner’s butt in jeans. Seriously, take a long look. She wants you to, because she’s the queen of Instagram.

Don’t hate the player, hate the human civilization.