Kris Jenner to Tyga: Stay Away From Kylie's Money!

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For some reason, Kylie Jenner and Tyga are still dating

Bya lla ppearances, the relationship is going strong, despite yet another round of rumors that Tyga cheated on Kylie, this time with a Brazilian model named Annalu Cardoso.

Kylie Jenner, Tyga Live Stream

We may never know what motivates Kylie to keep Tyga around, but we do know that at least one person in Kylie's inner circle is wary of his intentions.

Insiders say Kris Jenner is less than thrilled that Kylie is giving Tyga another chance, but she's allowing the 18-year-old to make her own mistakes.

But while she Momager Kris won't shoo Tyga away from Kylie, she's reportedly doing everything in her power to make sure that he doesn't get his paws on her money.

“When it comes to the money her girls have made, no man will touch that. Not even Tyga,” a source tells Hollywood Life.

“Kris has got a dead man’s grip on the family’s fortune and she will protect the empire and those dead presidents until the day she dies.”

The source adds that Kris has come around to believe what the rest of the world saw from the start - that Tyga's interest in Kylie is primarily rooted in her money and what she can do for his career.

Kris is apparently "really fed up with Tyga," but believes that if she tries to keep him away from Tyga, it will only make their bond stronger.

Sounds like the world's most famous momager is being forced to focus on the "mom" part when it comes to Kylie.

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