Kylie Jenner Confronts Tyga's Sidepiece, Looks For Proof of Cheating

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Earlier today, we reported that Tyga has been accused of cheating on Kylie Jenner with a Brazilian model named Annalu Cardoso.

Tyga and Kylie on Snapchat

The women of the Kardashian-Jenner clan have often been described as lazy, but apparently Kylie has a better work ethic than we thought, because Radar Online is reporting that Kylizzle has already confronted Annalu in her effort to figure out if the rumors are true.

“Kylie always gives Tyga the benefit of the doubt because most of these girls that claim to have slept with him are just wanting to get famous,” says one insider.

However, since this is the second report of Tyga cheating this week, and the story is once again coming straight from the alleged mistress, Kylie thought it might be best to do a little digging. 

“Kylie reached out to this girl and she demanded proof of the affair," says the source.

“She wants to see text messages and photos. Kylie needs to know if what this girl said is true. And if it is, she will have no other choice but to leave Tyga.”

While this is the first time two reports of Tyga's infidelity have surfaced in such quick succession, rumors of this nature have circulated periodically throughout the rapper's relationship with Kylie.

The insider says Kylie has no immediate plans to dump Tyga, but adds that she's slowly getting fed up with feeling like she can't trust him.

“She can only hear these kinds of rumors so many times before she’ll cut him out of her life,” the source says.

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