Justin Bieber: NAKED Photos Leak Online!!!

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Move over, Kim Kardashian. Justin Bieber is about to break the Internet by giving the world its first glimpse of the fabled Bieb peen.

Yes, naked photos of Justin Bieber leaked online today, and unlike past nude photos that Bieber has shared himself, these ones are full-frontal.

Justin Bieber Naked Pic

The photos were snapped while Justin was on vacation in Bora Bora. As you can see, the man likes to relax by letting it all hang out.

Obviously, the paparazzi responsible invaded the singer's privacy, and we're sure they'll face legal consequences, but on the bright side, at least Justin doesn't have anything to be embarrassed about.

Not only is he packing some respectable girth, it appears he keeps up on his manscaping, as well.

After Bieber's Calvin Klein ads were released back in January, Justin was accused of stuffing his crotch and having the pics retouched to make his junk look bigger.

There was even an SNL sketch mocking Bieber in which Kate McKinnon (queen of the Bieber impression) boasted about her "big wiener."

We're not saying Bieber is packing Jon Hamm proportions, or anything, but clearly he's having the last laugh.

Now go and get an eyeful before he has his dong forever wiped from the Internet.

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