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At the 2016 Golden Globe Awards on Sunday, Jon Hamm took home one of the night’s top prizes for his work in the final season of Mad Men.

Now it seems the 44-year-old star may have celebrated by reminiscing about his time as Don Draper with the help of a former castmate.

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Yes, Hamm and January Jones on-screen marriage may have been swallowed by a tidal wave of booze and infidelity, but in real life, Hamm is newly sober – and newly single – and several insiders say the co-workers are making a go at a real-life relationship.

Hamm broke up with Jennifer Westfeldt – his girlfriend of 18 years – last summer, and he reportedly reached out to his longtime friend January – who was also fresh from a long-term relationship – for support.

Sources say the platonic dinners eventually led to Hamm and Jones hooking up, and now they’re officially dating – and doing their best to keep it low-key.

“They’ve always had an extremely close relationship and crazy chemistry,” says one insider. “They always flirted with each other on set, but never went there because Jon was with Jennifer.”

The source adds that after the Globes, Jon and January headed back to her house – which has become a home-away-from-home for Hamm in recent weeks.

“They’ve been spending time together at January’s home in LA,” the insider continued. “It’s a gated community so they don’t have to worry about paparazzi getting shots of them together.”

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