Jon Hamm Drinking Details Revealed: Actor Got "Flirty" With Strange Women During Benders, Source Claims

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Yesterday, we reported that Jon Hamm recently completed a 30-day rehab stint for alcohol addiction.

Despite the occasional report of Hamm getting sloppy drunk at a party, for the most part, the Mad Men star's problems with alcohol were not commonly known, and he broke the news of his own addiction via a statement from his publicist.

Jon Hamm: Don Draper Pose

But now that the word is out, many who have witnessed Hamm's problematic drinking are coming forward with stories of instances in which the beloved actor's behavior brought to mind the boozy antics of his onscreen alter ego.

"He definitely had a reputation in Brooklyn for getting flirty with other women," a source tells Radar Online. "Getting sober will only help his reputation."

Another insider says that Hamm's battle with the bottle began way back in 1991, when he started using alcohol to cope with the unexpected death of his father.

Hamm has been in a monogamous relationship with girlfriend Jennifer Westfeldt since 1997, but rumors of the actor emulating Don Draper's womanizing ways have been circulating for years.

Sources on set have claimed that Hamm "hooked up" with Elisabeth Moss several times before abruptly ending the romantic entanglement with his co-star.

No one has yet claimed that Hamm entered rehab upon Westfeldt's insistence, but it is widely believed that his wandering eye and his decision to seek treatment are not unrelated.

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