Gay Duggar Cousin: REVEALED!

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Heavens to Betsy! The world's biggest hypocrites have a gay cousin. 

Duggars Wave Goodbye

Can you imagine? The poster family for birth control, who oppose gay marriage and work with the Family council to uphold "traditional" values are related to a homosexual.

“The Duggars definitely have a gay cousin in their family who has been hiding in the closet,” a source told The Real Mr. Housewife.

“He is not a blood relative,” said source explained, “but was adopted by his parents, who are cousins with the Duggars.” 

Blood relative or not, the unidentified cousin has mingled with the 19 Kids and Counting reality stars in the past.  

“He has been in attendance at Duggar family events, such as Jessa’s wedding, and been photographed with Michelle before.”

Cousin Duggar is also a bit of a wild child, which is hilarious (and probably draws a smile from slightly rebellious cousin Amy Duggar).

He loves to "wildly party," which goes against the Duggars' beliefs in a good time not involving anything other than a piano and quilt-making.

"He is not innocent and is scandalous himself. He broke up a long standing relationship between my friend and his boyfriend, who were set to marry.

According to a family insider, Cousin Duggar allegedly swooped in "and stole his boyfriend from him. It was really disgusting.”

It sounds like the relative hasn't yet revealed his sexuality to the family (or they're just in denial and unwilling to admit it).

"While the Duggars likely will be shocked to hear this and won’t be happy that this cat’s out of the bag,” the source added.

Either way, to state the obvious, “it’s just more evidence of the hypocrisy that surrounds them and their family.”

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