Amy Duggar & Dillon King Deny Leaking Anna Duggar Pregnant Rumor, Other Family Gossip

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The former Amy Duggar and husband Dillon King are adamantly denying that they are the "family source" leaking Duggar gossip online.

Yes, they actually stand accused of that following reports that Anna Duggar is pregnant, and critics say the evidence is pretty strong ...

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Amy, cousin to the 19 Kids & Counting clan, may seem an unlikely figure to be caught in the raging torrent of social media criticism.

All who use the Duggar name as a claim to fame are under fire lately, though, given the non-stop string of scandals dogging the family.

To wit, Dillon King went off on Facebook last weekend, strongly noting that marrying into the family “doesn’t mean I don’t have a job.”

He isn’t stopping there, either, mixing it up with fans grilling him on actions that seem to contradict his claims of not cashing in on fame.

The common theme: Why, if he doesn’t mean to capitalize on his wife’s last name, did he and Amy push for a TLC wedding special?

Moreover, why did he ask fans to lobby the network for that same thing, and why do they give interviews and comment publicly on anything?

King denies being affected by the cancelation of 19 Kids and Counting, yet still refers to himself as a “public figure” on his Facebook.

It may be a little bit of a leap, but Duggar observers have come to believe that the “source close to the family” must be Amy and Dillon.

The oft-cited and unnamed "source" has leaked various stories to the media over the past year, most notably that Anna Duggar is pregnant.

Supposedly. The rumor hit the web and spread like wildfire last week, and King was asked by fans whether he and Amy are behind it.

While the rest of the Duggars are radio silent, King denies that he and Amy are the source ... but doesn't deny that she's knocked up.

He did, however, imply that they’ve been the leak for other tales from Duggar Nation when he said that his quotes are taken out of context.

Dillon didn't say which quotes were taken out of context, exactly, but Amy and her man have not been shy about voicing their opinions.

Amy openly called Josh Duggar a fraud recently, while Dillon said Brad Paisley roasting Josh at the CMAs was the “best thing ever.”

These aren't passing, one-off remarks, either. Amy also said Josh is “too selfish to even realize” how many people he hurt with his actions. 

What do you think? Are they not-so-subtly selling out their famous relatives, while simultaneously benefiting from the Duggar brand?

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