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We now know that when Bella Thorne complained about being bullied by a rich teenage mean girl, she wasn’t talking about Kylie Jenner.

In fact, Bella and Kylie party together these days, and Ms. Thorne seems to be taking her cues from Ms. Jenner when it comes to racking up an insane number of Instagram followers.

Bella Thorne in Jeans

Yes, as Kylie taught us last week, showing the world what your butt looks like in jeans is in these days. 

These girls are going old school – rocking Levi’s instead of leggings for 2016.

Obviously, jeans aren’t as revealing, but maybe leaving something to the imagination is making a comeback (at least for those who are barely old enough to vote).

Just kidding! As anyone who’s seen Bella’s workout photos knows, Spandex will always have a place in the world of celebrity selfies.

Jeans are just a way of saying, "See? I am capable of wearing real clothes, so you can hire me for roles where I’m not constantly sunbathing or cheerleading."

It’s an important resume-building step that comes right after "sucking up to Quentin Tarantino" for those trying to earn respect as a legitimate Hollywood actress. 

Yes, we’re not just here to ogle Bella Thorne’s latest Instagram pics, folks. We’re also offering important career advice to all the young folks out there.

Mostly it’s just the Bella-ogling, though.