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Yes, they do want to build a snowman. 

Thanks for asking!

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Having kept their very famous romance out of the public eye for quite a few weeks now, Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris returned to social media this week for a very important reason:

They teamed up with Taylor’s brother, Austin, and created quite the impressive figure out of frozen precipitation.

"Really proud of ourselves over here," Taylor wrote as a caption to the above image, and for good reason.

Look at that precious guy!

He’s rocking some buttons and eyes and a nose and a mouth and a very dapper top hat.

We can only guess that it took OLAF their cooperation to build a snowman as tall as Calvin. (Sorry. Should we show ourselves out?)

On a more serious note, there’s been talk that Harris is thinking of proposing to Swift.

The superstar singer and the superstar DJ have been a romantic item throughout nearly all of 2015, which says a lot considering Swift’s relationship history.

We really hope they make it all the way to the altar and we feel very confident that they might.

We mean, if these two can overcome that Calvin Harris hand job rumor, they can overcome nearly anything, right?