Taylor Swift & Calvin Harris: Totally Getting Married!!! (Someday)

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Earlier this week, we reported that Calvin Harris had been hanging out with Taylor Swift's mom, which lead to speculation that the Scottish DJ was asking Mrs. Swift for her daughter's hand in marriage.

Now, sources have confirmed that Taylor and Calvin are getting married! Maybe. Someday. If they feel like it. Take it away, source:

Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris

“No breakup is going to happen,” the insider tells Hollywood Life. "No engagement is imminent, but they have told each other that it ends with them and they will get married.”

Yes, Taylor and Calvin are not engaged, but like many a middle school couple pawing at each other under the bleachers before them, they've assured one another that they're on a one-way trip to Marriage & Babies Town.

But that's later. For right now, Taylor has finished up her tour, and she and Calvin are looking forward to some sexy time:

“They want to make up for lost time,” says the source. “The two want to spend a week in bed together because they’ve really missed being a couple, and really missed their intimacy with one another.”

Once they're finished making blonde, blue-eyed, platinum-selling babies, Taylor and Calvin are apparently planning on hanging out with Selena Gomez and Niall Horan who (according to this same anonymous insider) are totally a couple!

“Taylor would love to go on a double date with Selena and Niall,” says the source. “It’s just a matter of time. She’s really excited and happy for them.”

We're beginning to think the source has just been reading Taylor's dream journal, but whatevs. We like this version of reality. 

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