Lark Voorhies Denies Sex Tape Rumors, Reveals Lupus Diagnosis

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Earlier this week, we reported on an epic Lark Voorhies Instagram rant in which the former Saved By the Bell star tore her ex-husband, Jimmy Green, to shreds and memorably declared that his penis reeks of corn chips.

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Now, Lark is back at it, and some of her latest rants include information that she's touched on before (She's still insisting that she never made a sex tape with Green.), while others feature surprising new revelations. (Sadly, it seems Lark has lupus.)

First the sex tape tirade. In response to a Radar Online interview in which Green claimed the video includes anal sex and a number of other kinky acts, Lark posted the following:

"Anal?! Absolutely not I am appalled! I know full heartedly & 100% sure that NO tape exists!

If any supposed sexual penetration on tape was transcribed, then it was done so surreptitiously and without my psychological feature and I will sue anyone who even thinks about posting any supposed screenshot of such barbarity."

Hm...It looks like Lark devotes about as much effort to choosing her words and she does to choosing her husbands.

We kid. The woman's got a lot on her plate these days, and she's obviously in a hurry to clear the air on social media.

In addition to once again affirming that her homeless gang member ex-husband is a jackass, Lark made the following revelation about her health:

"I have been the blunt of many cruel jokes at my own expense and my appearance has made headlines for all the wrong reasons which have been anything that I can fully comprehend to the fullest myself.

To whom it may concern, In 2007, I was diagnosed with Lupus...While many have maliciously made fun of my heavy make-up, I've been having whats called butterfly rashes. Make-up seems to minimize some spots of malar rashes that come & go but have left me highly insecure."

So there you have it. Hopefully cruel comments about Lark's appearance will come to a stop. Of course, if she really wants to stay out of the tabloids, she should stop even acknowledging the existence of her loser ex.

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