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If you watched Vanderpump Rules Season 4 Episode 6 last night, you know that Lala left the annual Sur pride parade party hand-in-hand with a profoundly sh-tfaced Jax Taylor.

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Jax had been boasting that he would bed Lala for weeks, but it was a little surprising to see her take the bait, especially since her wildly dysfunctional relationship with James seemed to be taking off.

Of course, as we know from Lala’s Instagram page, she and James are an item these days, so perhaps it’s not surprising that Lala is now dismissing her near-hookup with Jax as a one-time, emotionally-charged mistake.

We also shouldn’t be surprised that in a recent interview with Radar Online, Lala rips into Jax and makes it clear that she sees him as nothing but the walking STD that she was warned about on her first day at Sur:

“I heard a lot about Jax,” says the 25-year-old hostess. “If you have a vagina and tits, he’s going to probably flirt with you.”

Despite the fact that she flirted right back on last night’s episode, Lala makes it clear that things went no further than that:

“I just like to flirt – it’s like a game for me,” she says. “But unless I’m blackout drunk, I would never be with him, nor have I ever or will ever."

“How we are today? Jax is very stubborn and hard headed, and I click with people who are soft. Are we the best of friends? No. Do I want to call him and hang out with him? That would be dreaming for me. He’s just a little too much.”

We get the feeling Jax would probably tell a different story about their time together off-camera, but of course, Jax is a compulsive liar.

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