Jana Duggar: Still Single Because of Josh Duggar, Trust Issues?!

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The plight (or at least the relationship status) of "Cinderella" Jana is a familiar one to Duggar Nation, but this report offers a new theory:

Older brother Josh Duggar is to blame! Wait, what?

Jana Duggar Cries

Jana Duggar, the oldest daughter of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, remains unattached just a few weeks shy of her 26th birthday.

All the while, she's as single as the day is long.

Fans have long encouraged her to move out and start a career of her own, but might there be psychological factors holding her back?

Insiders say her lying, cheating, sexual deviant brother Josh Duggar has shaken Jana's faith and instilled deep trust issues within her.

Last night on Jill & Jessa: Counting On, Jana cried in an emotional confessional about Josh's history of child molestation and infidelity.

Said a tearful Jana to the TLC cameras:

“[My mom] sat us down ... to share that our brother had been living a double life and that he wasn’t who he appeared to be."

That, she says, not only made her devastated for Anna Duggar, but hurt her personally, since she no longer feels she can trust anyone!

“At that moment it was like ... I don’t know…and who do you trust?” Jana lamented, echoing the sentiments of so many Duggar fans.

“Can you look out and, you know, see all these people, and are they who they appear to be or are they just, you know, have these masks on."

"[Are they] something that they really aren’t?”

In the past, Jana has written off the idea of rushing into courting, leaving it in the hands of her faith to bring the right person around.

"When is it [my] time?'" Jana asks. "I just think for me I am just waiting and we'll see. When God brings that one along it will be his timing."

Time will tell if Josh has forever thrown a wrench into those plans, or if she will learn to trust - and find love - with someone truly deserving.

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