Jana Duggar: Fans Encourage "Cinderella" to Go to College, Start Career

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If you're familiar with the lesser-known members of the 19 Kids and Counting clan, then you probably know that Jana Duggar is a fan favorite who always seems to get a raw deal from her own family.

At 25, Jana lives at home with her parents at the so-called "Duggar compound" in Arkansas, where she helps to care for her younger siblings, as well as her nieces and nephews.

Jana Duggar Facebook Photo

As her younger sisters Jill and Jessa got married, moved out, and started families of their own, rumors began to circulate that Jana is the family "Cinderella," forced to spend the rest of her life catering to the needs of her many, many brothers and sisters.

It may be that Jana has chosen to stay at home and live a chaste life of servitude, but ever since the cancelation of 19 Kids and Counting, many fans have been more vocally concerned about bright, quiet young woman.

The show served as a connection to the outside world and a sort of de facto career for Jana, who is now rarely seen by the public, and presumably spends the bulk of her days completing household chores.

As she's not involved in a courtship with a Duggar-approved young man, Jana is not even allowed to create a social media page of her own.

Perhaps that's why when the Duggars posted the above photo of Jana on their Facebook page last week, their social media followers leapt at the chance to encourage the girl to break out on her own.

"College would look great on her," wrote one commenter. 

"Jana is so beautiful and so ready to move out on her own and get married," wrote another.

There are several such comments on the thread, many of which have now received hundreds of likes. 

Yes, it seems the Duggar faithful are certainly eager to see Jana move out and start a life of her own.

And we're sure TLC wouldn't mind, as based on the level of fan interest, we're sure a Jana: Counting on Herself spinoff would be a ratings bonanza.

Of course, rumors of Jana breaking away from her famous family seem to circulate every few weeks.

Tabloids have had Jana courting Tim Tebow and moving to New York City to start a business.

Obviously, all of the reports of Jana setting out on her own have proven false, and it's important to bear in mind that Jana has never actually expressed a desire to distance herself from her family.

But especially in the wake of everything we found out about her upbringing over the past year, it sure would be satisfying to see Jana buck the tradition and live life on her terms.

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