DJ Jon Gosselin Spun Crazy Tunes While Kate Plus 8 Premiered

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Wicka wicka wicka!

Jon Gosselin: The Death Of FAKE Reality TV Event

That is the sound DJs used to make, before the vocation's only requirement called for an iPod playist.

White Kate Gosselin is making it rain over at TLC, Jon Gosselin is billing himself as a DJ, a gig he started last January.

Before this, he worked in construction, IT, and appeared on a season of WE TV's Couples Therapy.

Before before this he was married to Kate, and co-starred on the hugely popular Jon & Kate Plus 8.  

Then he went off the rails, divorced Kate and hung out with the likes of Kate Major and Michael Lohan.

Oh, and he wore a lot of Ed Hardy.  

According to International Business Times, "DJ Jon Gosselin" promoted his December 8th gig at Trappe Tavern in Pennsylvania, in which he combined forces with DJ N-Do.

Gosselin's profile on Eclipse Entertainers reads like a bad press hand-out (mainly because it is a bad press hand-out).

“Jon Gosselin was a star on the reality TV series 'Jon & Kate + 8' but now, he is now a DJ!

"He operates like most other DJs. Shows-up, sets-up, and spins a little something for everyone. He takes requests, interacts with the crowd, and helps increase sales by making people want to stick around.

“What makes him special is that he is a CELEBRITY! Every time he has performed at other venues, patrons have gone NUTS on social media, posting pictures, taking selfies with him, and most importantly, tagging your bar!"

Hey, at least it's an honest living.

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