Coco Shows Off HUGE Boobs, Tiny Baby in New Photo

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It's only been one week since Coco and Ice T welcomed their first child, but the kid is already a social media superstar.

While some celebs attempt to keep their kids out of the spotlight, Ice and Coco have been reveling in their offspring's celebrity status. They shared the first photo of Chanel the same day she was born, and today they blessed us with this Insta-gem:

Coco: Boobs and Baby

Of course, the real focal point of this pic isn't the baby, but Coco's ginormous boobs post-baby body.

The photo is astonishing by itself, but it's the caption that makes this truly remarkable:

"Fresh out of the hospital," Coco wrote. "I can't believe I became a mommy to a beautiful baby girl 4 days ago.I'm feeling Fab! I'm a complete woman!!"

That's Coco four days after giving birth?! We'd be impressed if she posted a pic like this four months after giving birth.

Of course, we probably shouldn't be surprised, as Coco remained devoted to her intense fitness regimen and sported the world's tiniest baby bump throughout her pregnancy. 

That Ice T is a lucky man.

At 57, he's got a beautiful wife, an adorable new daughter, and probably another 30 or 40 seasons of Law & Order: SVU ahead of him.

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