Coco Austin Shares New Pic of Daughter Chanel

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She's a beaut.

Coco Austin Shows Off Daughter Chanel

After welcoming her on November 28th, Coco Austin has been showing off daughter, Chanel Marrow via Instagram.  And it's adorable.

"My sweet girl after giving her the boob," Austin wrote on her latest photo, post-breastfeed.

"She's in heaven! And its funny she's so tiny for her clothes."

Chanel arrived a wee bit earlier than expected, which explains the ginormous clothing.

"Surprise!!! Look who came early!! Welcome the new arrival of Chanel Nicole..," Austin wrote after delivery.

"A beautiful healthy 5.7 pound and 18 inch baby girl .Ice and I are so proud! I cried while she was coming out I was so excited to meet her!"

Mom created an Instagram account for Chanel almost as soon as she made her debut (and it has 123K followers).

The couple announced this summer that they were expecting a girl, and revealed her name to fans.

Austin told the audience during a taping of Ice & Coco that they "came up with that name 10 years ago."

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