Coco Austin SLAMS Critics on Twitter: I Take Care of My Baby!!

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It’s hardly been three weeks since Coco Austin gave birth to daughter Chanel Nicole, and the controversy has already begun.  And now that Coco is posting pictures of her baby and post-baby body, the hate mail is rolling in.

Coco’s social media followers have been criticizing her, claiming that she isn’t caring for her new baby.  Her critics even claimed that by posting pictures of little Chanel on social media Coco is exploiting her daughter for fame.

Coco and Chanel

However, the new mama isn't taking sh*t from anyone.  And Coco took to Twitter in an effort to set the record straight:  "Some comments really frustrate me at times…some assume since u have money and live in a ‘celebrity world' that you don't do s—t!.”

She continued, "Let me add, I don't have nannies or babysitters. I've been 100% hands on w/ Chanel. I also clean my own house & do my own laundry #100%wife.”

The talk show host and former reality star also explained that she isn’t only the Coco fans know from television. "I'm totally serious when I say I love being a wife. I like the role I play…I can be crazy Coco at times but I have a good heart,” she wrote.

In recent post on her E! News pregnancy blog, Coco disclosed a few details about her relationship with rapper and actor Ice-T.

She explained that she and her husband were supportive and close to each other as they awaited the arrival of their baby. The 36-year-old mom also said that they approached the pregnancy as a team, attending appointments and viewing the ultrasound together.

Between the pregnancy and the arrival of their baby, it appears that Coco and Ice-T are close than ever.  And they are still making it a priority to spend quality time together.

According to Coco, haters are gonna hate, but her life is good!

"I'm proud that I'm finally a mama," she replied to one follower who criticized her for “exploiting” her newborn. "Does she not look happy?"

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