Josh Duggar to Anna Duggar: Let's Have Another Kid!

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Earlier this week, we reported that Josh Duggar may be planning to bail on rehab several months ahead of schedule.

Josh and Anna D.

That was followed by rumors of the Duggar family taking a private plane to Illinois in order to visit Josh - or spring him from the facility.

After all that he's done, what could possibly get Josh's parents to agree to allow him to quit his treatment program three months early?

Why, the promise of a new grandchild, of course!

Yes, apparently Josh is so worried that Anna Duggar will divorce him that he's appealing to her love of children as part of his effort to convince her to stay.

A source tells Hollywood Life:

“Josh is so worried that Anna will leave him that he is now convinced she will stay if he can persuade her they should have another child together.”

The insider adds that Josh carefully chose his words when making his argument, telling Anna that she is "meant to" bear him another child.

Moreover, it's "God's will" that they continue to procreate.

The guy certainly knows his audience. (Please aim away from your laptop, tablet or mobile device if you feel the sudden urge to vomit.)

No word on whether the long-suffering Anna intends to take him up on the offer, given everything he's put her through in recent months.

But we're kind of hoping Josh's strategy will backfire.

The fact that he'd even try use such a sleazy tactic to try and save his marriage is just one of the many reasons Anna should leave Josh:

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