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Happy Thanksgiving, readers, from all of us at THG to you and yours.

What would this quintessential, traditional, uniquely American holiday be without family, food, football and appreciation for the things we hold dearest?

Who will win the 9th Annual Spencer Pratt Thanksgiving Turkey Award!?

In the case of The Hollywood Gossip, on this twenty-sixth day of November, Two Thousand Fifteen, that means turkeys, in more ways than one.

Below, we’re paying tribute to some of the celebrities we’ve had the honor, the pleasure, and the burden of covering here over the past 10.87 months.

We’re talking serious turkeys. Legit bird brains up in hurrr.

So who ruffled feathers with antics that left us shaking our heads, hanging our heads in shame, and/or laughing our heads off at the same time?

Without further ado, here are our Top 10 Turkeys of 2014 …

10. Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett (tie). These two are something else. Even in an era where shameless reality TV stars are a dime a dozen.

9. Ben Carson and Jeb Bush (tie). The tryptophan of presidential candidates, these two dudes are probably boring relatives to sleep as we speak.

8. Donald Trump. Higher energy, for sure, but even more fowl.

7(a). Justin Bieber. It’s still hard to believe that this former baby-faced global teen heart throb has officially morphed into the globe’s biggest douche.

Entertaining, yet still kind of horribly depressing. For us all.

7(b). Scott Disick. Justin’s most elite rival for the D-bag title.

Admittedly, we used to worship the wild man and the comic relief he brought to Keeping Up With the Kardashians and the celebrity gossip world.

Mofo needs to pull it together for his kids though. Lord.

6. Florida Man. If you see a thoroughly absurd news headline you swear must be from The Onion but is somehow real, #FloridaMan was likely involved.

5. Teresa and Joe Giudice. Yes, the system won by sentencing both to prison. Yet they remain larger than life and just as – if not more – ridiculous.

4. All the stars of Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2. Incredibly for a franchise that’s been around this long, 2015 might be the cast’s nuttiest on record.

We’re talking nuttier than Aunt Edna’s fruitcake, especially lately. Perhaps it’s time for a break from having babies. Or just being Leah and Farrah.

3. Charlie Sheen. We wish the HIV-positive star well, we truly do, but it’s hard to imagine ruffling more feathers than he has with his dubious antics.

2. Tyga. Not sure what’s worse, dating a teenager or somehow blowing it and getting dumped AFTER she turns 18 and becomes rich and famous.

1. Josh Duggar. Comment rendered unnecessary.