The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 7 Recap: Look Who’s Alive!

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Hmmm... we sort of gave away the big reveal of The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 7 with that headline, didn't we?

We apologize. But come on: Did you really think Glenn was dead?!?

At the very outset of the hour, we finally discovered that Glenn slid under the dumpster to safety while the walkers devoured Nicholas.

Upon climbing out, he was tossed a bottle of water… by Enid. She then turned and got the heck out of there.

After making multiple attempts to catch up to her, and retrieving the goodbye note along the way from the ill-fated newlywed who Michonne failed to save a few weeks ago, Glenn finally confronted Enid and insisted on taking her back to Alexandria.

Why? Because it’s what Maggie would have wanted.

In Alexandria itself, Maggie was still waiting for a signal from Glenn while Rosita was presiding over Machete for Beginners class.

Rick, Carol and Michonne, meanwhile, confronted a tortured Morgan over his having to let Wolves escape during their invasion.

Morgan admitted to having no idea anymore what is “right,” but the trio tried to convince him that one simply cannot believe “all life is precious” anymore.

Later on, Rick was forced to start seeing the entire group as part of his core group; first when Deanna presented him with a blueprint for an expanded Alexandria; and second after Tobin asked Rick not to give up on the residents.

Also: Spencer nearly died attempting to get over the wall and past the walkers to lead them away from town, prompting Tara to save him and tell Rick “that’s how it works with us.”

Yes, they are all us now.

On their way back to Alexandria, Glenn tried to be there for Enid, offering her advice and serving as a strong father figure.

Once they reached the outskirts of town and saw that it was surrounded, however, she wanted to give up, lamenting that "the world is trying to die. We’re supposed to let it.”

No effin way, Glenn basically responded, ready, willing and anxious to fight back.

Finally, as you’ll see when you watch The Walking Dead online, Morgan reluctantly asked Denise to treat the Wolf he was secretly holding hostage.

In one cliffhanger, Carol went to confront Morgan over this ... while, in another cliffhanger, Ron stalked Carl with some stolen ammo … and in ANOTHER cliffhanger, Maggie spotted balloons set free by Glenn as a signal, just as a tower came tumbling down and took out one of Alexandria’s walls.

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