Justin Bieber: Still Obsessed with Selena Gomez!

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Justin Bieber is totes obsessed with his ex-lover Selena Gomez, and he's not even being that secretive about it on new album Purpose.

Justin Bieber Goes Platinum
Selena Gomez at Glamour Awards

It only takes a casual listen to wonder if we will see Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez back together based on some of the former's lyrical content.

Obviously, it's either still very much on his mind, or he's written material specifically to make us wonder if it's on his mind ... either way, it worked.

The couple broke up in 2012, and several times before and since, but Bieber still considers Selena to be The One, and seems to freely admit this.

“I think maybe once we figure ourselves out, we can come back and make an awesome duo,” Justin told Ellen about the prospects for their future.

For different songs on Purpose can be interpreted as Bieber pining for Gomez, who he says he loves and is awesome and clearly wants to get naked.

Or at least knows that's what will help sell downloads.

In “Mark My Words,” he pleads for more Selena (or someone) in his life, promising, “I won’t let me lose you / And I won’t let us fade away.”

In “No Pressure” feat. Big Sean, the rapper drops a Street Fighter reference: “Oh no, round two again/We’ve been fighting more than Ryu and Ken.”

Bieber gets all deep on “No Sense” feat. Travis Scott, calling his heart a “vacant house,” which is not a term you hear every day, but we get the gist.

And on “Been You,” he assures an unknown person:

“If I had the chance, I’d make us brand new."

Give him a chance, SelGo. Give him a chance.

Not because it would be a good move for you long-term, but Samuel Krost who?! We could use the 24/7 gossip fodder that is Jelena. Get to it.

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