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Last we checked on Josh Duggar, the disgraced 27-year-old husband, father and former reality star had checked into rehab for sex addiction

After it was revealed that he paid prostitutes for sex and used Ashley Madison to cheat on his wife, he’s gone into hiding. But for how long?!

Anna Duggar with Josh Duggar

As more details about Josh’s rehab were revealed, it became clear that the secretive Reformers Unanimous center in rural Illinois is … different.

More like a faith-based boot camp than a treatment facility, sources claimed that Josh was to spend six months atoning for his sins, toiling away.

We’re talking putting in 10-hour days of hard labor and reflecting on his actions in marathon prayer sessions that begin as early as 4 a.m.

That’s earlier than we get up to post about Josh Duggar.

So perhaps it’s not surprising that several insiders are claiming Josh has decided to bail on the program several months ahead of schedule.

According to sources, he will soon be headed home.

The program is reportedly broken up into 45-day segments, after each of which, residents choose whether they would like to re-enroll or call it quits.

Josh has yet to reach the end of his second segment, but he’s reportedly already told administrators that he believes 90 days is sufficient.

Once he hits that milestone, he’s eager to get back to Arkansas in order to fix his marriage to Anna Duggar … provided she’s interested.

Amazingly (or not), it looks like that door is still ajar.

After spending some time with her parents in Florida, the long-suffering Anna has reportedly returned to Arkansas, at least for the time being.

Her decision may or may not have been prompted in part by the fact that Josh’s dad Jim Bob Duggar bought her a house as an incentive.

Either way, sources say she’s excited about the prospect of Josh’s early return from Illinois. So we guess this is our last chance to say: