Christina Aguilera on Gwen Stefani: That B!tch Stole My Job!

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After taking a break to raise her children and work on her new album, Christina Aguilera is returning to The Voice for Season 10.  

However, with Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton’s new romance taking up center stage, Aguilera is worried there won’t be any room left for her!

Gwen Stefani in Concert

Publicly, Aguilera has been supportive of Gwen and Blake’s relationship.  Just last week, she stated, “I keep telling them both to stay strong and have fun!” 

But reports claim that things are not so hunky dory among Gwen and Christina behind the scenes.

Originally, Gwen took Christina’s seat on The Voice as a temporary gig.  The plan was that Christina would take leave to give birth to her baby girl Summer Reign and work on a few other projects, including a new album and an appearance on Nashville.

But once Gwen and Blake’s romance became a media sensation, the show’s producers decided they want to flaunt their relationship to boost ratings.

Now, Aguilera is worried that she won’t have a job to which she can return.

Gwen ended up becoming a fan favorite, with many fans preferring her over Aguilera.  And of course, now that Blake and Gwen are a thing, producers don’t want to sacrifice ratings.

This has Aguilera concerned that they will retract her contract in favor of retaining Gwen for at least one more season—or until she dumps Blake.

A source close to The Voice drama claimed, “Christina is worried that viewers will want Gwen instead of her.”

“She has spoken with producers and made it clear that she will be returning and that Gwen is just keeping her seat warm,” the source added.

If Christina wants her job back on The Voice, she might have to find a way to break up Gwen and Blake.  

However, some sources claim Gwen and Blake are trying to make their exes jealous. If that’s true, then their relationship will be over in no time.

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