Charlie Sheen STILL Not Telling Sex Partners He's HIV Positive?!

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Earlier today, Charlie Sheen revealed his HIV diagnosis to the world in an interview with Matt Lauer.

Needless to say, the announcement came as quite a shock to many, including Charlie's kids, and some of his former sex partners, who say they entered into relations with the actor without being informed of his condition.

Sheen says part of the reason he went public with his diagnosis is that he was fed up with being forced to shell out hush money to exes who threatened to tell the media.

However, it now seems that at least some of Charlie's former flames were right to be angry, as he reportedly endangered their health by not telling them that he was HIV positive prior to engaging in sexual relations.

First, ex-girlfriend Bree Olson revealed that Sheen never told her about his illness. 

Now, Radar Online is reporting that Sheen had sex with two women in the past month without informing of them of the potential risk involved.

“One person claims that Charlie had sex with them just last week,” says a source who reportedly works for an LA attorney who's soon to file suit against Sheen. “He didn’t tell them he was HIV positive.”

“And a second individual claims they had sex with Charlie three weeks ago. All of these people say they were not notified by Charlie about his HIV status and now they want settlements.”

The 50-year-old's problems may soon go beyond the many civil cases that have been filed, as Sheen could face criminal charges for failing to disclose his diagnosis to various sex partners. 

“If an alleged victim comes forward claiming Charlie Sheen had unprotected sex with them, without notifying that person about his HIV status, it will be completely and fully investigated," says the source.

“The victim doesn’t need to contract HIV for prosecution to take place. These cases are taken very, very seriously and any alleged victim’s identity will be protected.”

Sounds like there could be some tough times ahead for the Sheenius.

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