Brooks Ayers to Meghan King Edmonds: F--k Off, How About That?!

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It was never a good idea to give Brooks Ayers a platform.

Brooks Ayers in New York
Meghan King Edmonds: My New Headband

For some reason, Andy Cohen thought it best to air a special in which he let Ayers flip off anyone who questioned him for claiming he had cancer.

Brooks Tells All was a joke from the get-go, even before he admitted to producing fake medical records from cancer treatment center City of Hope.

The special featured a smug Ayers answering questions likes a sociopath, and responding like the dirtbag when Cohen asked what he would say if Meghan King Edmonds was there.

Ever the gentleman, Ayers suggested, "'F*** Off.'  How about that?"

As for Tamra Judge, Ayers has lost faith in her for questioning his fake records from a Newport, CA imaging center.

"I've forgiven her for all the hurt that she's caused but I haven't forgotten, nor can I," Brooks said.

On November 11th, Ayers confessed that he was never treated at City of Hope.  Needless to say, Judge said she wasn't surprised.

"I've always said, 'If he has cancer I hope he gets better and if he doesn't…I still hope he gets better,'" Judge said in a statement. "From day one I called him out. I felt he was a con man.

"I could see it in his eyes and nothing he said was making sense."

Ya burnt, Ayers.

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