The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 1 Recap: Worst Laid Plans

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It's safe to say Rick's plan to keep walkers out of Alexandria went badly on The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 1.

Very badly. Terribly badly. Like, as badly as any plan could ever go. Ever.

The premiere of The Walking Dead Season 6 picked up with Deanna telling Gabriel he had been wrong about Rick.

Also, we saw Eugene being thrilled to see Tara… Enid holding Carl’s hand… Glenn lying about how and and Nicholas had been wounded in the woods… and Rick and Morgan committed to getting to know each other again.

As they were debating what to do with Pete’s body, these two discovered a bunch of walkers and were forced to save Ron, who had followed them to learn where his dad was buried.

Rick then proceeded to dig a grave, considering Pete's son had seen and heard everything.

In Alexandria, Rick devised a plan to free the walkers they just trapped and lead them away from the city. Enter Carter, a local portrayed by Ethan Embry, who argued they should just build a wall around the community instead.

Deanna shot this idea down, leading Rick Abraham, Sasha, Daryl, Glenn and Nicholas to head off on Operation Free the Walkers.

Elsewhere, Tara was stunned to learn from Maggie that Nicholas had gotten Noah killed AND tried to murder Glenn. Why wasn’t Maggie pushing for exile?

Because she has grown close to Tara despite Tara’s history with The Governor, so there’s hope for anyone.

Eugene, meanwhile, was caught listening in to Carter talking other residents into actually killing Rick so they could reclaim their community. The organizer of this planned homicide was about to shoot Eugene when Rick, Daryl and Morgan walked; the former wrestling the gun away from Carter and aiming it at his head.

Morgan wasn’t a fan of this threat, though Rick did win some favor with him when he offered to let Morgan hold Judith and also invited him to move in with his family.

On to Rick’s plan: during a dry run, the walkers pushed a semi off a cliff, which prompted the survivors to just go ahead and act.

It was all going okay, too, until Carter got bitten in the face and Rick had to BREAK HIS NECK (in front of Morgan and Michonne) to ensure the victim’s screams draw the walkers away from the path everyone had worked to send them down.

Morgan and Michonne reluctantly followed Rick’s orders after this kill, making it look as if everything would end well… until a horn blared, drawing the walkers toward the sound - and we saw the sound was coming from Alexandria.


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