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Kylie Jenner has posted a photo to social media that has many what the 18-year-old was thinking.

No, we’re not talking yet another semi-nude Kylie photo on Instagram. This time, Kylie took to Snapchat to share a pic of her insanely expensive new pup.

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Say hello to Rolly, Kylie and Tyga’s new merle tri English bulldog.

A pooch just like Rolly can be yours for the low, low price of $50,000. For Kylizzle and T-Raww the dog was free – a gift from PingTank CEO Jeremy Greene.

Both Kylie and Tyga have done promotional work for the photo-editing app, and Greene apparently thought little Rolly was the ideal way of saying thanks:

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As you can see, Kylie is enamored with the pup, and who wouldn’t be? Unfortunately, she’s already receiving Rolly-related criticism on social media.

Kylie has two other dogs, and she’s been accused of being a negligent pet owner in the past. 

Maybe now that Kylie is 18 she’ll be more responsible with her many animals. Either way, it seems almost certain that her critics will continue to scour her social media pages for any indication that she’s mistreating her pricey fur babies.

Hopefully that won’t discourage her from sharing more pics of Rolly, ’cause that’s one cute pup. Maybe not $50,000 cute, but still…