Taylor Swift Criticized For Racial Insensitivity in "Wildest Dreams" Video

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With so many headline-worthy moments at the 2015 VMAs, pop culture news that might have been huge on any other day was immediately overshadowed.

For example, the debut of Taylor Swift's "Wildest Dreams" video.

While the video has racked up over 15 million views in two days, it took a backseat in the press to everything from Kanye West's rambling acceptance speech to the feud between Nicki Minaj and Miley Cyrus.

Today, the clip is getting a lot more attention online, but not for the reasons that the pop superstar might have predicted or hoped.

The video serves as an homage to the epics of Old Hollywood.

Swift plays a 1950s actress named Marjorie Finn - a role that's meant to honor both Elizabeth Taylor, and her grandmother, Marjorie Finlay.

Up-and-coming model-actor Scott Eastwood plays her co-star for a film that's shot on location in Africa. In actual Old Hollywood, it wasn't uncommon for films to take place in Africa but feature lily-white casts.

In 2015, however, it comes off as ignorant and insensitive when a star such as Swift chooses to travel to a foreign land and not feature any actors who even remotely resemble the locals to appear on camera.

The video takes full advantage of African wildlife and geography, but only white people are shown onscreen.

Not surprisingly, that choice isn't sitting well with many critics:

"For a clip that’s set in Africa ... it’s about as white as a Sunday morning farmer’s market," wrote the Daily Dot's Nico Lange.

"Instead of the cultural appropriation that has become almost status quo in today's pop music, Swift has opted for the bolder option of actually just embodying the political exploitation of a region and its people," added Huffington Post's Lauren Duca.

A headline on the music site Fader may have summed up the situation best, reading, "Taylor Swift Went To Africa To Film A Music Video And There’s Only White People In It." 

Several outlets say they've reached out Taylor's reps, but they declined to comment (perhaps because they're still in damage control mode after she or one of her squad members farted on the VMA stage).

What do you think of the video criticism? Fair game, or much ado about nothing? And did she really pass gas or was it just a mic malfunction, as MTV claims?

Discuss (and examine the evidence of the latter) below!

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